Are you looking for a cheap UK brick cleaner company to make your properties brickwork look fresh once again?

Choose our low-cost Façade Cleaning service at Brick Restore!

The façade of your building can be heavily affected by the weather conditions and will eventually wear away at the brick or stone work on your building. If left untreated, the problem may get worse causing further damage and extra unnecessary future costs.

The speed at which this happens can vary, sometimes you will not notice it from one year to the next, however, eventually it will change and begin to appear dirty and jaded.

If this has happened, then its time to call façade cleaning services such as Brick Restore.

Brick Restore are a property maintenance company that have specialists with many years’ experience in Façade Cleaning in Surrey, Sussex, Kent and the surrounding areas.

Façade cleaning is a specialist job as there are many techniques and professional equipment used to avoid damaging the brickwork.

We take into much consideration on keeping your property looking its best. We will keep you informed on the process and make sure that you are entirely content with the work that will be required.

While you need to avoid damaging the brickwork, it is also vital to protect the heritage of the building. Brick Restore are your local experts in heritage restoration and understand the best ways to make sure to keep the original brickwork to a good standard.

Brick Restore uses a super-heated steam system by Thermatech that is approved by the English Heritage. This heats water to 150°c to produce steam at a very low water pressure gently removing surface pollutants that have built up. Compared with conventional jet washers, this acts kindly to the surface without wearing away at the façade of the building.

Depending on the brick façade, sometimes a combination of cleaning products and a super-heated system are used to produce the desired outcome.

We make sure to provide you with an exceptional service that takes pride in achieving the best results possible.

If you’re looking for a restoration company, then look no further than Brick Restore. We can help with your building restoration in London, Kingston, New Malden, Sutton and beyond.

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